Luxxus Color packet including 3 multi-color lightbulbs + gateway


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Product description

Luxxus is more than just a lightbulb, it is a SMART light system controlled by an APP. We ask ourself on regular base: "What is the easiest way to controll your lightning in house" and we try to implement this way of thinking in our products. The result is our current line-up Luxxus products to light up your house.

Lightning was never before this important at home. Recent studies proves that different colours of light can affect your personal mood. For example; green is restfull where orange stimulates you en give you energy. All controlled on your smart device, tablet or smartphone. Even if you don't like al the colours Luxxus will simplify your life because it is also useable as normal light.

As a producer of a SMART living products, Luxxus invest in product development. This is why you can contact us 24/7 for experience, questions and feedback. Next to the development of new products we follow the technical developments in APP building. If possible we translate technical improvments in the LUXXUS app for optimal user experience. The result is a SMARt lightning system which will be better and better in the future.

The NCL103 is the first LUXXUS app-controlled lighting system with 16 million colours. This Starter Pack includes three bulbs, a gateway and cables. The eco-friendly LED bulbs only use 7,4 Watt and will last approximately 14.000 hours to enjoy. Luxxus allows you to manage your lights through an application and helps you to set your favorite colour in your home or any other area. With Luxxus you can add up to 56 bulbs. The NCL103 is the best way to start your world of Luxxus today.
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